A Narcissist's Self Portrait


A Narcissist's Self Portrait (2015)


for Chamber Orchestra with a Sense of Huumor

ca. 7 min.​

Program Note

In the premiers of new works in concert music, the repetition of musical phrases is the key factor for the audience's involvement in sharing the musical experience with the instrumentalists on stage. A repeated phrase will leave a stronger impact on the listener, explores the significance on the enumerate bits of sounds, and emphasizes the communicative aspects of the work to the audience. The same law applies in popular music, where chord progressions in demand by the market are repeatedly recycled and reused in many hit songs.

A Narcissist's Self Portrait, written for a chamber orchestra with a sense of humor, utilizes irony and humor to portray the boring music of today. This work was premiered in Columbia University, New York City.

Past Performances

May 1, 2015 (World Premiere)

Columbia Composers Concert Spring 2015

Columbia University, New York City, NY

counter)induction: Benjamin Fingland (Cl.), Jessica Meyer (Vla.), Miranda Cuckson (Vn.), Ning Yu (Pf.),

Guest Performers: Carl Bettendorf (Cond.), Mariel Roberts (Vc.), Barry Crawford (Fl.), Sky Macklay (Ob.), Michael Zuber (Bs.), Timothy Leopold (Tp.), Benjamin Herrington (Tb.), Karl Kramer-Johansen (Hn.), Brian Ellingsen (Db.)