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boooooooooon (2016)

for chamber orchestra, electronics, video and six reflective vinyl boards

ca. 6 min

Commissioned by ensemble mise-en (USA)

Program Note

boooooooooon was commissioned by ensemble mise-en in 2015. The work explores the intimacy between the music and the audience by allocating reflective vinyl boards in front of each instrumentalist. When listening to live concert music in a Western context, it is rare for the audience to be self-aware of their postures, facial expressions and motions. boooooooooon establishes a mutual relationship between the instrumentalists and the audiences by reminding the audience of their presence in the space. The live abstract reflection of the audience is also a crucial component of the visual element of this work.

Past Performances

March 25, 2016 (World Premiere)


MISE-EN Place Bushwick, New York City, NY

ensemble mise-en: Moon Young Ha (Cond.), Maria Johnson (Fl.), Carlos Cordeiro (Cl.), Mark Broschinsky (Tb.), Yumi Suehiro (Pf.), Sabina Torosjan (Vn.), Evan Runyon (Cb.)

May 15, 2016 (Puerto Rico Premiere)

De Japón A Puerto Rico

Conservatorio de Música, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Emanuel Olivieri (Cond.), Darwin Cosme (Fl.), Omar Torres (Cl.), Victor M. Charriez (Tb.), Chatori Shimizu (Pf.), Danira Rodriguez (Vn.), Jean G. Montes Santana (Cb.)