Bukkowacymbals! (2015)


for two violent people

ca. 10 min.

Program Note

 The act of covering one’s ears contradicts from the act of enjoying a musical experience. It is an act to protect one’s self from loud or uncomfortable noise and overwhelming flow of information, and reclaiming one’s self. Bukkowacymbals! is a response to witnessing a number of composition students in conservatories composing atonal music for the sake of schoolwork. If the composers do not want to listen to their works themselves, who else will listen?

Past Exhibitions

Aug. 6 ~ 28, 2016

Finished Goods Warehouse: Columbia MFA Summer Show

Curated by Natalie Bell (The New Museum)

Former Pfizer Factory, New York, NY

Exhibition of scores of Shiki to Unkai (2013), -shikaku- (2013), and Bukkowacymbals! (2015)

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