Cover Your Ears! 2


Cover Your Ears! 2 (2016)


for Sound Installation

Program Note

 Cover Your Ears! 2 is an interactive noise installation, which was exhibited from April 23 to May 7th, 2016, at Basilica Hudson (Hudson, New York).

This installation encompasses twenty-two suspended cymbals and a gong, ready to produce some noise. Audience enter the installation through the 4ft 10in x 2ft 11in opening into the world of white noise, where they are encouraged to participate in hitting the cymbals to create more noise. The aim of the installation is to challenge the audience to recreate their own definitions of music and noise. Each hit on a cymbal is recognized and recorded by the microphones fixed above the installation. The data is then processed as a rhythmic pattern, automatically generating a musical score of the rhythm. It is a process of reclaiming music hidden in the melting pot of noise. 

 The act of covering one’s ears contradicts with the act of enjoying a musical experience. It is a gesture to protect oneself from loud or uncomfortable noise and ward off an overwhelming flow of information. Acting as provocateur, Shimizu intentionally works in the paradoxical.

Past Exhibitions

April 23 ~ May 7, 2016

Continuing Effect

Curated by Galen Joseph-Hunter

Basilica Hudson, Hudson, New York

An audience walking into Cover Your Ears! 2, exhibited in Continuing Effects, Basilica Hudson, April 23rd, 2016

Continuing Effects Closing Reception Tour, Cover Your Ears! 2, Basilica Hudson, May 7th, 2016