for Improvised Noise Installation



[First Performance]


Rooftop of a building on 125th St, New York City, NY

December 20, 2014

Alice Emily Baird, Chatori Shimizu, and Jiwoon Yoon

[Program Note]

Klang is an improvisational noise installation, which blends the turbulent eruption of the performance with the tumultuous soundscapes of New York City. The lawless, continuous flow of white alphabet beads striking the umbrella, metal percussions, and the rooftop cement floor incite the riotous harmony of disruptive conscious minds.


The installation utilizes metal percussions, nylon umbrella, white round alphabet beads, and home appliances such as a microwave and an alarm clock. It was first performed in Harlem by Alice Emily Baird, Jiwoon Yoon, and Chatori Shimizu.