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Ojizou Matryoshka

for Sound Installation





ca. 40 min


First Exhibition

Ojizou Matryoshka

l-e, Tokyo, Japan

October 31, 2013

Media: Installation, Recorded Recitation of the Novel "Ojizou Matryoshka"

Ojizou Matryoshka is a sound art installation which melds aural and visual experiences to transport the individual back into the world of Meiji era Japan – To a time where shinbutsu bunri, a government policy to separate Shinto from Buddhism was introduced.


Utilizing traditional Japanese interiors, LED lights, zabuton - traditional floor cushions, more than 120 square meters of specially designed cloth, and lavish spatial art designed by Ayaka Miyauchi, the installation space lovingly resurrects the world of a period long consigned to the dusty footnotes of history.

Allow the sweet accompaniment of Japanese instruments and electronics from the 5.1ch sound system to serenade your senses as the narrator’s 40 minute recorded recitation of the fictional novel "お地蔵まとりょーしか (Ojizou Matryoshka)", written by Chatori Shimizu, gently guides you through the broad political overtures of the period and how its echoes reverberated throughout Japan in the lives of millions.


First showcased in l-e, a creative space for experimental art and sounds, located in the central business district of Tokyo, Ojizou Matryoshka was subsequently shown in Kunitachi College of Music (Tachikawa, Tokyo) during the Kunitachi College of Music Art Festival (November 2~4, 2013).


The recitation was recorded, processed, and mixed using ProTools and Max/MSP.

First exhibition/performance of Ojizou Matryoshka at l-e, Tokyo, Japan, October 31, 2013

Exhibition/performance of Ojizou Matryoshka at Kunitachi College of Music Art Festival, Tokyo, Japan, November 2~4, 2013