Pink Elephant in Prentis



Pink Elephant in Prentis (2018)


for Alto Sheng, Soprano, and Orchestra

Commissioned by Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra (China)

ca. 9 min.​

Program Note

"Pink Elephant in Prentis" for sheng, soprano and orchestra, was commissioned by Hearing China 2018, and was premiered by Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra on December 7th, 2018. The music flows in two layers of time identities - metronomic time, representing the objective time flow and the physical phenomena; and idiomatic time, representing the subjective flow of time and the psychological phantasm. Both time flows inquire deep into the enigma of discerning one's authentic personal identity within a chaotic surfeit of possibilities for self-expression. With a central theme of "destabilization", this work is an endeavor to portray human's vulnerability to addiction to an object, and the process of a destabilizing mind. This work has been inspired by Prentis Hall of Columbia University, a run down building where I have spent two years in (2014-2016).

Past Performances

Dec. 7, 2018 (World Premiere)

Hearing China 2018

Shanghai Symphony Hall

Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra (Cond. Zhang Liang)

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Pink Elephant in Prentis

World Premiere of Pink Elephant in Prentis (2018) in Shanghai Symphony Hall by Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra