play_algorithm. New York City exhibition (lower left: Maiko Hosoda)

play_algorithm. Karuizawa exhibition (right: Masayuki Niino)

play_algorithm. London exhibition (top right: Paulina Szczepaniak)


play_algorithm. (2015)


for Audio-Visual Installation and Percussions

Awards and Honors

2014~2015 Columbia University School of the Arts Dean's Grant

Program Note

play_algorithm. is an collaborative installation by multimedia artist Alice Emily Baird and composer Chatori Shimizu, connecting and contrasting the cultural differences in the participants' reaction to sound in an acousmatic space. Participants' movements are anonymously captured and followed by two digital video cameras for a real-time algorithm used in the installation.

Past Exhibitions

January 30, 2015 (World Premiere)

play_algorithm. in New York City

Computer Music Center at Columbia University, NYC, NY

Curated by Alice E. Baird and Chatori Shimizu

Alice E. Baird (Video), Chatori Shimizu (Audio), Maiko Hosoda (Perc.)


June 18, 2015

play_algorithm. in Karuizawa

Inose Lodge (National Institute of Informatics), Karuizawa, Japan

Curated by Brad Garton

Alice E. Baird (Video), Chatori Shimizu (Audio),  Masayuki Niino


July 23-24, 2015

play_algorithm. in London

Location: Parker Gallery (London Metropolitan University), London, UK

Curated by Elaine Tomazi

Alice E. Baird (Video), Chatori Shimizu (Audio),  Paulina Szczepaniak (Perc.)

Guest Artists: Jayoon Choi, Abi Baker