Somewhere Close

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Somewhere Close (2015)

for Sound Installation

Media: Wood, Metal, Styrofoam, Plastic, Salt, and Sound

System: Apple Mac Mini OS X Yosemite, Rokit 8 Speakers (4), Motu Pre 4, Max/MSP, AKG C 411 L

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Program Note

Diverse sound can be heard from trees and plants. Sound can be heard when the wind rustles the leaves, when the twigs mingle with each other, when humans rub their hands against treebarks, and when branches fall. They also produce high frequency waves, much higher than our hearing capacities (20 ~ 20,000 Hz). All sound materials used in the music of Somewhere Close were recorded, sampled and edited from different specimens of trees. Frequencies higher than 20,000 Hz were brought down to our hearing range with a computer. The audio is a separate work "Bonsai Modulation".

From the Amplitude Catalogue Publication


  Somewhere Close invites listeners into an intimate space for listening. The installation is a rebuttal to audio post-production technologies and efforts that strive to attain a commercial definition of perfection. Shimizu asks if these strategies strip sound too far, leaving it solely as mathematics and algorithms.
In Somewhere Close, contact microphones are applied to different specimens of wood and produce sound in real time. The sonic characteristics originating from these natural materials, housed inside of polystyrene forms, produce a chorus of changing vibrations in the space. Shimizu strives to envelop listeners into the soundscape of a familiar location, “somewhere close”. His environment is subtle yet submerging.
Shimizu writes, “The sound is not perfected by digital modifications; each noise produced by mere random chance does not have any artistic meaning. It is not programmatic music—it’s the nature singing.”


Amplitude was selected in the 10 MUST-SEE ART SHOWS OPENING THIS WEEK (Gary Pini) by PAPER Magazine on April 15th, 2015.

Past Exhibitions

April 16 - 30, 2015


Curated by Galen Joseph-Hunter

Pioneer Works, New York,  NY

Aug 13. 2017

Hyperobjects: Music of Tomorrow

Curated by Lemon Guo

Chronus Arts Center, Shanghai, People's Republic of China

Exhibition of Somewhere Close at Pioneer Works Gallery Space, April 16 ~ 30, 2015