umbra (2012)

for Violin

ca. 7 min

Awards and Honors

2012 A-EN Project Call for Scores

2013 Tokyo International Association of Artists Composition Competition Honorable Mention

Program Note

 umbra (2012) was premiered in December 2012 in the Second Concert of A-EN Project (Tokyo) by Matsuri Mikuni.  It is a recipient of the 15th TIAA Composers’ Competition Prize, organized by Tokyo International Association of Artists (Japan). Further performances include Chatori Shimizu Portrait Concert (Tokyo, 2014).

 The definition of the title “umbra” is “Shadow” in Latin. When there is light, there is “Shadow”. Everyone born with a physical volume will live their lives with their “Shadows”. We can say that our “Shadows” are a part of us.

 This piece is for only the D string and the A string on a violin. The melody for the D string is described in the upper part of the staff notation, and the melody for the A string (which only consist of notes played on the open string) is described in the lower part of the staff notation. When there is a collision between the upper and the lower part of the staff notation, the melody of the A string is described in a staff one below. Except for the parts not described, use portamento or glissando between all two notes to not let the bow off the strings. 

Past Performances

December 23, 2012 (World Premiere)

A-EN Project

Ota Kumin Hall, Tokyo, Japan

Matsuri Mikuni (Vn.)

April 30, 2015 (US Premiere)

Amplitude Live

Pioneer Works, New York City, NY

Bronwen Chan (Vn.)

June 16, 2019 (Germany Premiere)

6. Sonatenabeni Besingrand/Agobet/Shimizu

Theater Regensburg, Regensburg, Germany

Joanna Collmer (Vn.)

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