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fiddle (2014)

for String Quartet

ca. 8 min.​


Purchase score and parts (USD27) from United Music & Media Publishers (Belgium)

Awards and Honors

First Prize, 2016 Malta International Composition Competition (Malta)

2017 SEM Emerging Composers Workshop Call for Scores (USA)

28th International Review of Composers Call for Scores (Serbia)

Kaleidoscope Call for Scores 2020 Finalist (USA)

Program Note

J.J. Grandville, also known as Jean Ignace Isidore Gerard, is a 19th Century French caricaturist. I believe no one will be spared of bewilderment after seeing his dreamy works. Inspiration for fiddle came on me after seeing Grandville’s work Apocalypse du ballet, which expresses continuous patterns of transformative objects in a sense of disorienting beauty. Repetition of a single motif is the key concept of fiddle. By obsessively repeating a pattern, a slightest adjustment in the detail or a sudden silence can act as an accent. In 2016, "fiddle" won First Prize in Malta International Composition Competition, and was published by United Music & Media Publishers (Belgium).

Past Performances

June 22, 2014 (World Premiere)

Chatori Shimizu Portrait Concert 2014

Ryogoku Monten Hall, Tokyo, Japan

Quartet Pienno: Kaho Orido (Vn. I), Kasumi Sakakibara (Vn. II), Vla. Kengo Naito, Vc. Akira Sato)

April 16, 2016 (US Premiere)

Project ONKYO

[Video Archive]

Issue Project Room Space, New York, NY

Mivos Quartet: Olivia De Prato (Vn. I), Marco Fusi (Vn. II), Victor Lowrie (Vla.), Mariel Roberts (Vc.)​

May 15, 2016 (Puerto Rico Premiere)

De Japón A Puerto Rico

Conservatorio de Música, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Cuarteto de Cuerdas Areté: Danira Rodriguez (Vn. I), Nayomi Lozano (Vn. II), Miguel Gonzales (Vla.), Diego F. Marrero (Vc.)

Feb. 16, 2017

New Works by Emerging Composers

Willow Place Auditorium, New York, NY

S.E.M Ensemble: Pauline Kim Harris (Vn I), Robyn Quinnett (Vn. II), Bryla-Weiss (Vla.), Caleb van der Swaagh (Vc.)

Oct. 7, 2019

28th International Review of Composers

Composers' Association of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia

Tijana Milošević (Vn I), Ksenija Milošević (Vn II), Boris Brezovac (Vla.), Nemanja Stanković (Vc.)

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