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for four voice (SATB)

Commissioned and Produced by Soundstreams

Featured in 21C Music Festival

World Premier in Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto, Canada

Shiki to Unkai V

for bass clarinet and double bass


World premier in Université d’Altitude, Saint-Martin-Vésubie, France, by Alain Billaird and Nicolas Crosse

Japan premier in NextSunday, Tokyo, Japan, by Tsubasa Kaneda and Rion Kidokoro

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for bass shamisen and bass clarinet

Commissioned by Thomas Piercy and Hidejiro Honjoh

World Premier in Globus Washitsu, New York City, NY, by Honjoh Hidejiro (Bass Shamisen) and Thomas Piercy (Bass Cl.)

for 8-string guitar solo

Commissioned by Joseph Ehrenpreis

World Premier in Harold Washington Library Center Cindy Pritzker Auditorium, Chicago, IL, by Joseph Ehrenpreis

Japan Premier in Gallery Creole, Niigata, Japan, by Joseph Ehrenpreis

for shō, hichiriki, and koto


Commissioned by Thomas Piercy

World premier  in  Bargemusic, New York City, NY, by Chatori Shimizu (shō,), Thomas Piercy (hichiriki), and Jun Ando (koto)

for interactive noise installation


Curated by WaveFarm

First exhibited in Continuing Effects, Basilica Hudson, Hudson, NY

for chamber orchestra, electronics, video and six reflective vinyl boards


Commissioned by ensemble mise-en

World Premier in Mise-En Place, New York City, NY by ensemble mise-en

Puerto Rico Premier in Conservatorio de Música, San Juan, Puerto Rico by Emanuel Olivieri and guest musicians

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for metal percussions and video


World Premier in Kioi Hall, Tokyo, Japan, by Percussion Duo Echo

for chamber orchestra with a sense of humor


World Premier in Columbia University, New York City, NY, by counter)induction and guest musicians

for double bass and marimba


World Premier in Pioneer Works Center for Art and Innovation, New York City, NY, by Lea Ivanovic (D.B) and Maiko Hosoda (Mar.); Aired live on Wave Farm Radio WGXC 90.7FM

Japan Premier in Kioi Hall, Tokyo, Japan, by Shun Hironaga (D.B) and Ai Hashimura (Mar.)

for sound installation


Curated by Wave Farm

Exhibited in Amplitude at Pioneer Works Center for Art and Innovation, New York City, NY

China premier in Chronus Arts Center, Shanghai, China

Exhibition selected in the 10 MUST-SEE ART SHOWS OPENING THIS WEEK by PAPER Magazine

for audio-visual installation and percussions


Recipient work of Columbia University School of the Arts Dean's Grant (2015)

World Premier in Columbia University Computer Music Center, New York City, NY, by Maiko Hosoda (Perc.)

Japan Premier in National Institute of Informatics, Karuizawa, Japan, by Masayuki Niino (Perc.)

Europe Premier in The CASS at London Metropolitan University, London, UK, by Paulina Szcz (Perc.)

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for clarinet and piano


Tokyo to New York Concert Series Call for Scores Selected Work

World premier in Space Do, Tokyo, Japan, by Thomas Piercy (Cl.) and Yusuke Satoh (Pf.)

US Premier in Tenri Cultural Institute, New York City, NY, by Thomas Piercy (Cl.) and Taka Kigawa (Pf.)

for noise installation


First performed in Harlem, New York City, NY, by Alice Emily Baird, Jiwoon Yoon, and Chatori Shimizu