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Pink Elephant in Prentis (2018) for alto sheng, soprano, and orchestra [info]

-shikaku- (2013) for four chamber orchestras and electronics [info]


Hentai Beetle (2022) for double bass and percussion [info]

Self-Portrait (2022) for piano and calligraphy [info]

Crazy Embai (2021) for shō trio [info]

MR. PLUMBER (2020) for shakuhachi [info]

Wagyu Pigs (2019) for piano trio [info]

Mimi Spelunking (2019) for shō and viola [info]

big mosquito (2017) for bass clarinet and double bass [info]

economy (2016) for bass clarinet and futozao shamisen [info]

Translucent (2016) for brahms guitar [info]

Cover Your Ears! (2015) for two percussionists [info]

Mu Absence (2014) for piano solo [info]

fiddle (2014) for string quartet [info]

Shiki to Unkai (2013) for soprano saxophone and cello [info]


Sakana Satellite (2021) for 80-voice choir and multimedia [info]

Rightist Mushrooms (2019) for choir [info]

Kingyo Obsession (2017) for four singers (SATB) [info]


Electronic/Electroacoustic and Multimedia

magic manju (2023) for electric guitar [info]

Ebi Revolution (2022) for violin, cello, and shrimp helmets [info]

Ningen Poiesis (2022) for clarinet, accordion, cello, and video [info]

Nenneko Pantsu (2021) for glowing soprano saxophone and installation [info]

Me Doppelgänger (2020) for contrabass and video [info]

Silichin Valley (2018) for bass clarinet, violin, cello, and video [info]

Bonsai Modulation (2015) for electronics [info]

Othello (2013) for shō and electronics [info]

Shinkaigyo (2012) for electronics [info]

Music for Film and Theatre [info]

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