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Site-Specific Music


"Site-Specific Music" are compositions that integrate the unique attributes of a particular location into the musical piece itself. Such music is composed with the explicit intention of being performed in a designated setting.

Kirin Telephone (2024) for sheng and multimedia [info]

Crazy Embai (2021) for shō trio [info]

Sakana Satellite (2021) for 80-voice choir and multimedia [info]

Nenneko Pantsu (2021) for glowing soprano saxophone and installation [info]

Cover Your Ears! (2015) for two percussionists [info]

Kinetically Enhanced Music

Compositions that integrate mechanical components to augment the functionality of instruments or performers are classified under the category of "Kinetically Enhanced Music." Instructions for putting together the requisite object are provided in the score.

Hentai Beetle (2022) for double bass and percussion [info]

Ebi Revolution (2022) for violin, cello, and shrimp helmets [info]

Concert Music 

While "Concert Music" typically denotes instrumental pieces showcased in concert settings, the classification here encompasses compositions integrating electronic, electro-acoustic, multimedia, and unconventional genres of expressions, such as calligraphy. 

magic manju (2023) for electric guitar [info]

Ningen Poiesis (2022) for clarinet, accordion, cello, and video [info]

Self-Portrait (2022) for piano and calligraphy [info]

Me Doppelgänger (2020) for contrabass and video [info]

MR. PLUMBER (2020) for shakuhachi [info]

Rightist Mushrooms (2019) for choir [info]

Wagyu Pigs (2019) for piano trio [info]

Mimi Spelunking (2019) for shō and viola [info]

Pink Elephant in Prentis (2018) for alto sheng, soprano, and orchestra [info]

Silichin Valley (2018) for bass clarinet, violin, cello, and video [info]

big mosquito (2017) for bass clarinet and double bass [info]

Kingyo Obsession (2017) for four singers (SATB) [info]

economy (2016) for bass clarinet and futozao shamisen [info]

Translucent (2016) for brahms guitar [info]

Bonsai Modulation (2015) for electronics [info]

Mu Absence (2014) for piano solo [info]

fiddle (2014) for string quartet [info]

shikaku (2013) for four chamber orchestras and electronics [info]

Shiki to Unkai (2013) for soprano saxophone and cello [info]

Othello (2013) for shō and electronics [info]

Shinkaigyo (2012) for electronics [info]

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