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Critiquing the Unfamiliar: Cultural Sensitivity and Music Appreciation (c) IMD / Kristof Lemp

On Composition 

Sunny with a Chance of Beetle (2024) [read]

Critiquing the Unfamiliar: Cultural Sensitivity and Music Appreciation (2023) [read]

Talking Darmstadt Ep. 04: Chaya Czernowin on Heart Chamber (2023) [read]

On Culture and Music: A Discourse with Helmut Lachenmann (2022) [read]

The Post-Composition World: Listening to Shiota Chiharu’s Works (2021) [read]

Shō in New Music 

Shō in New Music: Thoughts on Cultural Labels on Compositions (2021) [read]

Shō in New Music: Perspectives on Japanese Instruments from Academia (2021) [read]

Shō in New Music: "Traditional" Resonance in Improvised Music (2020) [read]

Shō in New Music: Study on Cultural Appropriation (2020) [read]

Shō in New Music: Acoustic Analysis and Composition (2020) [read]

Shō in New Music: Time Identity and Notation (2020) [read]


SEED 2021: Virtual Composition Academy (2021) [read]

A Study on Japanese Instrumental Training Methods for Non-Japanese Students: Cases of Columbia University Mentor/Protégé Program (Gagaku) (2019) [read]

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