Chatori Shimizu (b. 1990) is a Dresden based composer, shō performer, and sound artist, who constructs his works for a wide range of mediums concerning the time identity in sound. Ranging from orchestral works to sound installations, all of his works "engage in repetitive patterns of sound motifs, which aims for the slightest change in the pattern to act as an accent" (New York Seikatsu), and is described as "a flared infotainment playground" (Mehrlicht Dresden).

 As the First Prize Winner of the 2016 Malta International Composition Competition, Shimizu's works have been performed and exhibited throughout Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, the Netherlands, Poland, Serbia, Thailand, United Kingdom, and the United States, by acclaimed ensembles and musicians such as AuditivVokal, Hidejiro Honjoh, Linea, Multilatérale, Mayumi Miyata, mise-en, Mivos, S.E.M, Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra, Sound Factory Orchestra, among others. Shimizu has been awarded fellowships from the Asian Cultural Council, Columbia University School of the Arts, Institute of Medieval Japanese Studies, the Mitsubishi Foundation, Omi International Arts Center, Soundstreams, Toshiba Foundation, and Yaddo. His music scores are published from United Music & Media Publishing (Belgium), and his album "O" released from Elektramusic (France). 

 As an active researcher in the compositional approaches of the shō, he has conducted numerous lectures and demonstrations regarding the notation and the extended techniques of Japanese instruments in universities worldwide, such as Baruch College, Cornell University, The Graduate Center at CUNY, Manhattan School of Music, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Conservatorio de Música de Puerto Rico, Tamagawa University, among others. He is a co-founder of SEED: Virtual Composition Academy, a tuition-free, online-based platform connecting composers with the top musicians of East Asian heritage instruments.


 Shimizu was born in Osaka, Japan, and spent his formative years in Singapore. Upon receiving the Professional Diploma in Piano Performance with High Honors at age twelve, he studied computer music and composition with Shintaro Imai and Motoharu Kawashima at Kunitachi College of Music, Tokyo, graduating with the Arima Prize - the highest recognition for the graduating class. He received his MFA from Columbia University, New York City, where he studied at the Computer Music Center with Brad Garton and Zosha Di Castri, and at Hochschule für Musik Carl Maria von Weber (MM), under the tutelage of Mark Andre, Stefan Prins, and Jörn Peter Hiekel. He serves as Co-Artistic Director of Composers' Collective Tesselat.


2020  Hochschule für Musik Carl Maria von Weber Dresden, Dresden, Germany (MM in Composition)

2016   Columbia University, New York, NY (MFA in Sound Arts)

2014   Kunitachi College of Music, Tokyo, Japan (BA in Computer Music, summa cum laude)

Awards & Honors

2021   Kunitachi Prize "Shōrei Award" (Tokyo, Japan)

2021   Kaleidoscope 2020 Call for Scores (Los Angeles, CA)

2020  Asian Cultural Council Grant 2020 (New York, NY)

2020  The 21st Century Guitar Call for Scores (Lisbon, Portugal)

2019   ISCM 2020 World New Music Days Call for Scores (Christchurch, New Zealand)

2019   15th Sun River Prize Honorable Mention (Chengdu, PR China)

2019   Follow My Score #fms2019 Call for Scores

2019   10th JFC Composition Competition Honorable Mention (Tokyo, Japan)

2019   Musicaphoria 2019 Call for Scores (Tangerang, Indonesia)

2019   Ars Electronica Forum Wallis Call for Scores (Leuk, Switzerland)

2018   GRIT Collaborative Call for Scores (Phoenix, AZ, USA)

2018   27th International Review of Composers Call for Scores (Belgrade, Serbia)

2018   Bushwick Open Studio 2018. Call for Sound Arts/Electroacoustic Music (New York City, NY, USA)

2018   Ludgar Hofmann-Engl Call for Scores for Piano Works (Wroclaw, Poland)

2018   Honorific Mention, Allentown Symphony Association Composer Competition (Allentown, PA, USA)

2017   NAT28 Call for Scores Winner (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)

2017-2018   Mitsubishi Foundation Fellowship (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)

2016   First Prize: 2016 Malta International Composition Competition (fiddle) (Valletta, Malta)

2016   Columbia University School of the Arts Dean's Grant (-shikaku-) (New York, NY, USA)

2015   Toshiba International Foundation Arts & Culture Grant (Co-recipient) (New York, NY, USA)

2015   IMJS Gagaku-­‐Hogaku Mentor/Protégé Initiative Fellowship (Tokyo, Japan)

2015   Columbia University School of the Arts Dean's Grant (play_algorithm.), (New York, NY, USA)

2014   Tokyo to New York Call for Scores Winner (New York, NY, USA)

2014   Audio Visual Synthesis Workshop at Dartmouth Fellowship (Hannover, NH, USA)

2014-2016   Columbia University School of the Arts Scholarship (New York, NY, USA)

2014   Arima Prize, Kunitachi College of Music (Tokyo, Japan)

2013   Honorable Mention (umbra), TIAA Composition Competition (Tokyo, Japan)

2012   A-EN Project 2012 Call for Scores Winner (Tokyo, Japan)

2003   High Honors Award, Australian Guild of Music and Speech (Singapore)

Festivals and Residencies

2021   ReMusik.org (St. Petersburg, Russia)

2021   The 21st Century Guitar Conference (Lisbon, Portugal)

2020  ISCM World New Music Days  (Christchurch, New Zealand) [CANCELED]

2020  UVM Festival of New Music (Burlington, VT, USA) [CANCELED]

2020  Musiques Eclatées  (Strasbourg, France) [CANCELED]

2019   chor.com 2019 (Hannover, Germany)

2019   2019 Asia Saxophone Congress (Shanghai, China)

2019   28th International Review of Composers (Belgrade, Serbia)

2019   Visby International Center for Composers (Gotland, Sweden)

2019   Musicaphoria 2019 (Tangerang, Indonesia)

2019   Thailand New Music and Arts Symposium (Bangkok, Thailand)

2019   Etchings Festival 2019 (Auvillar, France)

2019   Dresdener Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften 2019 (Dresden, Germany)

2018   Hearing China 2018 (Shanghai, China)

2018   Gamelan Composers' Forum at University of London SOAS (London, UK)

2018   Oh My Ears! Festival (Phoenix, AZ, USA)

2018   27th International Review of Composers (Belgrade, Serbia)

2018   Bushwick Open Studios: Electronic Music Week (New York City, NY, USA)

2018   14th Thailand International Composition Festival (Bangkok, Thailand)

2018   Nebula Summer Festival (Greenwood Village, CO, USA)

2018   nief norf Summer Festival 2018 (Knoxville, TN, USA)

2018   Cluster: New Music and Integrated Arts Festival (Winnipeg, MN, Canada)

2018   Beyond: Microtonal Music Festival and Symposium (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)

2017   OUA-Electronic Music Festival (Osaka, Japan)

2017   Université d'Altitude 2017 (Saint-Martin-Vésubie, France)

2017   Corporation of Yaddo Artist Residency Fellow (Saratoga Springs, NY, USA)

2017   21C Music Festival (Toronto, ON, Canada)

2017   Soundstream Emerging Composers Workshop Fellow (Toronto, ON, Canada)

2017   Ragdale Foundation Residency (Lake Forest, IL, USA)

2017   S.E.M Emerging Composers Workshop (New York, NY, USA)

2016   Electronic Music Midwest Festival (Romeoville, IL, USA)

2016   Music Omi (Columbia County, NY, USA)

2016   ONE MONTH FESTIVAL (Tokyo, Japan)

2016   New Music On the Point Festival (Lake Dunmore, VT, USA)

2015   Gagaku-Hōgaku Mentor/Protégé Summer Initiative (Tokyo, Japan)

2014   Audio Visual Synthesis Workshop (Hannover, NH, USA)

Selected Commissions

2020   Fat Samurai for soloist, choir, and orchestra; commissioned by HfM Carl Maria von Weber

2019   Rightist Mushrooms for choir, commissioned by AuditivVokal

2019   Poo Lettuce for saxophone and electronics, commissioned by Pisol Manatchinapisit

2018   Pink Elephant in Prentis for sheng and orchestra, commissioned by Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra

2017   légère fièvre for flute and percussions, commissioned by Nebula Ensemble

2017   Being a Hermit for guitar and chamber orchestra, commissioned by Kenji Haba

2017   Kingyo Obsession for four voices (SATB), commissioned by Soundstreams

2016   economy for bass shamisen and bass clarinet, commissioned by Tokyo to New York Concert Series

2016   Translucent for 8-string guitar; commissioned by Joseph Ehrenpreis

2016   EROSION for shō, hichiriki, and koto, commissioned by Thomas Piercy

2015   boooooooooon for chamber orchestra, electronics, and video, commissioned by ensemble mise-en

2014   Shiki tō Unkai III for shō and percussions, commissioned by A-EN Project

2014   Worlds of No Overlaps for piano, commissioned by Yusuke Satoh

2013   Shiki tō Unkai for sop. saxophone and cello, commissioned by A-EN Project

2012   The Mousetrap, the Cat, and Me for orchestra, comissioned by Kunitachi College of Music Art Festival Orchestra

Artistic Directions

2020- Co-founder and director for SEED: Virtual Composition Academy

2018-  Co-Director for Composers' Collective TESSELAT

2018   Music Director for FUTURE HOST: A Speech Opera (Beijing/Shanghai, China)

2017   Music Consultant for Babette's Feast (New York City, NY, USA)


Lectures on Composition

2019   Visiting Lecturer for Introduction to Western Contemporary Music, Otsuma Womens University, Tokyo, Japan

2019   Visiting Lecturer for Life After a Music Degree, Senzoku Gakuen College of Music, Kawasaki, Japan

2018   Visiting Lecturer for Introduction to Western Contemporary Music, Otsuma Womens University, Tokyo, Japan

2017   Panel Discussion for Hyperobjects, Chronus Arts Center, Shanghai, China

2017   Special Lecturer for Introduction to Multimedia Arts, Xiamen University, China

2017   Visiting Lecturer for Composer Workshop Meeting, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, HI

2016   Visitng Lecturer for De Japón A Puerto Rico, Conservatorio de Música de Puerto Rico, San Juan, Puerto Rico

2016   Teaching Assistant for Graduate Studio II/Graduate Studio IV, Columbia University, New York, NY

2015   Lecturer for Chatori Shimizu: Shiki to Unkai, Inner Fields, New York, NY

2015   Visiting Lecturer for Composition Seminar, Kunitachi College of Music, Tokyo, Japan

Portrait Concerts and Solo Exhibitions

2019   CCCP presents Chatori Shimizu, Ithaca, NY

2015   Chatori Shimizu: Shiki to Unkai, New York City, NY

2015   Percussion Works for Echo, Tokyo, Japan

2014   Spatiotemporal Composition Works, Tokyo, Japan


Interviews, Press & Publications

2021    [Publication] 現代音楽の中の笙:アカデミアから見た日本楽器, 雅楽だより第64号, 3~5頁 (Japanese)

2020   [Feature] Chatori Shimizu Talks About Music, Hearing China, Dec. 2020 (English) 

2020   [Interview] Chatori Shimizu : for the love of shō, Elektramusic, Nov. 2020 (English)

2020   [Feature] Chatori Shimizu, Gamelan Composers Forum, Nov. 2020 (English)

2020   [Feature] Chatori Shimizu Combining Ancient and Contemporary, Sounds of the World Podcast, Oct. 2020 (English)

2020   [Feature] Devon Osamu Tipp and Chatori Shimizu, TAK Edition, Oct. 2020 (English)

2020   [Publication] 現代音楽の中の笙:自由即興とエキゾチックな表現, 雅楽だより第63号, 5-7頁 (Japanese)

2020   [Feature] Chatori Shimizu Presents His Album "O", Elektramusic, May 2020 (English)

2020   [Publication] 現代音楽の中の笙:「文化の盗用」を考える, 雅楽だより第62号, 1-4頁 (Japanese)

2020   [Feature] Listening to the Spaces In-Between, Inner Fields NYC, June 25, 2020 (English)

2020   [Feature] Selbstentdeckung braucht Mut, Deutschlandfunk Kultur, May 28, 2020 (German)

2020   [Feature] 6 plus 6 manières de créer en confinement, TV Play RTS, May 11, 2020 (French)

2020   [Publication] 現代音楽の中の笙:音響分析と創作, 雅楽だより第61号, 9-10頁 (Japanese)

2020   [Publication] 現代音楽の中の笙:笙と西洋五線譜, 雅楽だより第60号, 7-8頁 (Japanese)

2019   [Review] Bewegende Bekenntnismusik, Mehrlicht Dresden, Nov. 12, 2019 (German)

2019   [Feature] 作曲家・清水チャートリー, Carillon, Oct. 1 2019 (Japanese)

2019   [Feature] Chatori Shimizu, ศิลป์สโมสร (Thai PBS), July 2019 (Thai)

2019   [Review] 夜限定の科学イベントに行ってきた, Ritz-Germany.Net, June 18, 2019 (Japanese)

2019   [Feature] Aufträge und Erfolge für Kompositionsstudierende, HfM Carl Maria von Weber, April 18, 2019 (German)

2019   [Feature] 手書きの五線譜で世界魅了:作曲家清水チャートリー, 週刊NY生活2019年4月27日号 (Japanese)

2019   [Publication] 外国人が和楽器を学ぶための教習方法に対する考察(共著)/洗足論叢第47号 (Japanese)

2018   [Interview] Experimental Theatre Experience to Debut, China Daily, Sept. 8, 2018 (English)

2018   [Interview] Saturday Light Brigade Radio, January 13, 2018 (English)

2017   [Feature] 和楽器と日本伝統音楽の普及の一施策として/洗足論叢第46号 (Japanese)

2017   [Feature] Othello by Chatori Shimizu /RecordNewYork (English)

2017   [Interview] Au coeur de l'Université d'Altitude : le travail en répétition, MediaPart, July 15th, 2017 (English, French sub)

2017   [Publication] 現代音楽の中の笙, 雅楽だより第49号, 3~4頁 (Japanese)

2016   [Feature] Chatori Shimizu, Not Random Art Issue 03 July/August pg. 64-71 (English)

2016   [Feature] An Artist In Search of Sounds, Arts Culture Beat (English)

2015   [Feature] 米国コロンビア大学で雅楽と邦楽を学ぶ学生代表によるワークショップがありました /玉川の教育 (Japanese)

2015   [Feature] Somewhere Close, Amplitude (English)

2015   [Feature] Shinkaigyo, 60x60 Wave Farm Mix, Wave Farm 90.7-FM (English)

2015   [Feature] -SHIKAKU-, Everyday Listening (English)

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