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Self-Portrait (2022)


for piano and calligraphy

Commissioned by 音と言葉の間/Oto-to-Kotoba-no-Aida (Japan)

ca. 7 min.​


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Program Note

(Prior to Performance)

In our lifetime, we dance through the kaleidoscope of political, religious, cultural, and ideological nuances of the world. Those who stray beyond this congregation find themselves cast as exiles. Knowingly or unknowingly, we are all in a rat race of moral and cultural superiority compared to the person next to us. 

I personally detest the culture of individuals flaunting their moral and cultural superiority to others; however, paradoxically, this act of looking down on those who condemn others out of righteousness is identical to the behavior I resent.

(Subsequent to the Performance)

The character “猿 (saru)”, or monkey, is used in the calligraphy. The conventional stroke order of this character is to start from the left, however, the performance of Self-Portrait begins with the top-right part of the character, “𠮷 (tsuchiyoshi)”, which includes the meaning of a “moral high ground”. This work was composed as a self-portrait of the composer.

Past Performances

July 26, 2022 (World Premiere)

​音と言葉の間 東京公演

[Video Archive]

MUSICASA, Tokyo, Japan

Takuya Niinomi (Pf.) and Taku Kosugi (Calligraphy)

August 6, 2023

​音と言葉の間 栃木公演

Tochigi Bunka Kaikan, Tochigi, Japan

Takuya Niinomi (Pf.) and Taku Kosugi (Calligraphy)

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