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Ebi Revolution


Ebi Revolution (2022)


for violin, cello, and shrimp helmets

Commissioned by CROSSROADS International Composition Festival (Austria)

ca. 8 min.​


Purchase PDF score HERE

Program Note

No matter how freely humans can contemplate, they remain confined within the boundaries of their own heads. While I can extend invitations for others to enter my thoughts, the essence of "I" cannot transcend the confines of my own skulls to achieve independence. As it stands, "I" stands as the sole certainty of existence. The realization of this fact often induces nausea, occasionally prompting an irresistible impulse to escape the confines of my own head. At times, "I" expands to the brink of detachment, yet inevitably fails to sever from its origin. All I perceive is the awkward projection of "I" protruding from the top of my head, flailing its arms and legs. Perhaps "I" have pushed myself to my limits, and "I" feel like I am put in boiling water.

On Composition

Ebi Revolution is a manifestation of "Kinetically Enhanced Music", integrating mechanical components to augment the instrument or player's capabilities. This composition employs two key elements: a three-dimensional shrimp headwear and a lung-powered hose pump. The shrimps were designed and feature motors engineered by American sound artist Cameron Fraser, synchronized with the performer's pedal triggers to choreograph limb movements at precise intervals throughout the piece. Furthermore, the lung-powered hose pump involves inserting one end of the hose into a large pot of water, and inserting opposite end of the hose into the performer's mouth. As the performer exhales into the hose, air generates bubbling sounds within the pot of water. Presently, the headwear is housed in Vienna, Austria, and Los Angeles, California, and for subsequent performances, it will be dispatched to performers from either location. Additionally, performance guidelines detail the construction of the shrimp headwear, offering performers the option to create their own if mailing proves impractical.

※ This piece may be performed only with one performer (violin or cello) with the shrimp helmet and pedal. In that case, the work is to be performed titled Tempura Revolution.

Past Performances

November 26, 2022 (World Premiere)

CROSSROADS International Composition Festival

Universität Mozarteum, Salzburg, Austria

Sophia Goidinger-Koch (Vn.), Barbara Riccabona (Vc.)

[Video Archive]

December 17, 2022 (US premiere)

Amplitude & Cycles ~New York Premieres~

Tenri Cultural Institute NYC, New York City, NY

Josh Henderson (Vn.), Ju-Young Lee (Vc.)

[Video Archive]

July 8, 2023

Klutursommer Wien 2023: Overload

Kongreßpark, Vienna, Austria

Sophia Goidinger-Koch (Vn.), Barbara Riccabona (Vc.)

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