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Ebi Revolution


Ebi Revolution (2022)


for violin, cello, and shrimp helmets

Commissioned by CROSSROADS International Composition Festival (Austria)

ca. 8 min.​


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Program Note

  Ebi Revolution was commissioned by 2022 CROSSROADS Festival Salzburg and written for Strings&Noise (Barbara Riccabona and Sophia Goidinger-Koch).


  Cleaner shrimps are known to jump into their clients’ mouths to offer dental and oral hygiene services. They form cleaning spas around the ocean floors and coral patches, where their clients can visit to receive their cleaning symbiosis. However, cases of clients’ misuse of power, such as devouring the cleaners, have led the cleaners to form unions to protest. Ebi Revolution is the sounds of the uprising by millions of cleaner shrimps around the world.

※ Those who have an allergic reaction to shellfish should avoid sitting sitting near the stage, as this work is performed by shrimps.


※ This piece may be performed only with one performer (violin or cello) without the shrimp helmet and pedal. In that case, the work is to be performed as Tempura Aquarium.

Past Performances

November 26, 2022 (World Premiere)

CROSSROADS International Composition Festival

Universität Mozarteum, Salzburg, Austria

Sophia Goidinger-Koch (Vn.), Barbara Riccabona (Vc.), and Cameron P. Fraser (electronics)

[Video Archive]

December 17, 2022 (US premiere)

Amplitude & Cycles ~New York Premieres~

Tenri Cultural Institute NYC, New York City, NY

Josh Henderson (Vn.), Ju-Young Lee (Vc.), and Cameron P. Fraser (electronics)

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