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Hentai Beetle


Hentai Beetle (2022)


for contrabass and percussion

Commissioned by Seiya Kondoh (Japan)

ca. 12 min.​


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Program Note

  One morning a few years ago, I suddenly could not get out of bed. To look back at the situation now, perhaps I was a little tired with simultaneously undertaking multiple projects, as well as moving and applying for an extension of my visa in a foreign land. Fortunately, the condition did not last long for me. However, while lying on bed, I scanned my eyes across the ceiling, and felt like this situation would continue in eternity.


  There are many analyses of Franz Kafka’s “Metamorphosis”. However, this experience has made me realize that this phenomenon of turning into an insect just may be more common and familiar to us than we imagine it to be.

Past Performances

December 9, 2022 (World Premiere)

Gen-On Pegasus Concert: Ghost in the Double Bass

Tokyo Opera City Recital Hall, Tokyo, Japan

Seiya Kondoh (Cb.) and Mizuki Aita (Perc.)

© Chatori Shimizu. All Rights Reserved.

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