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Kirin Telephone


Kirin Telephone (2024)


for sheng and electronics

ca. 11 min.​


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Reviews and Articles

笙之響宴, ACC Taiwan Newsletter Vol. 26, April 10, 2024 (Mandarin and English)

Program Note

Everyone must have embarked on a journey of self-discovery at least once in their lives. This journey may involve physically leaving home or delving into the depths of the mind to gain perspective on one's past and present. The journey today takes place within the metaphysical confines of one's smartphone, where we strive to uncover our "true self".

On Composition

Kirin Telephone is my first venture into "site-specific music" since relocating to Taiwan. The piece was composed with the intent of performance at “Mineless”, the remnants of a former mining site in New Taipei City, where the music video was filmed there in February 2024.

This piece unfolds with the protagonist in first-person view stepping into a chamber through an iron door - a metaphor of unlocking a smartphone. Throughout this journey, the protagonist grapples with the challenge of identifying their "core true self", and encounters various personas of themselves.

Unlike the physical, tangible space where only one persona can emerge at a time, our smartphones offer a digital arena where we can present multiple personas at once. Just by unlocking our smartphone, we are able to meet our diverse personas dancing on our main, sub, and even secret accounts on various social media platforms.

Every individual harbor a multitude of personas, drawn forth consciously or unconsciously from deep within, to navigate social interactions. In essence, humans boast a spectrum of personalities within self.

Past Performances

January 28, 2024


Mineless, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Li-Chin Li (sheng), Wen-Hao Li (movement artist)

February 5, 2024

Kirin Telephone

Mineless, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Li-Chin Li (sheng), Wen-Hao Li (movement artist)


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