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Me Doppelgänger


Me Doppelgänger (2020)​​

for Contrabass and Video

Commissioned by 6plus6 Project

ca. 3 min.


Request PDF score HERE

Program Note

  Me Doppelgänger is a three-minutes work for one contrabass player. The score is separated into two sections; the top two staves and the bottom staff. First, the player is to video record herself/himself playing the top two staves. Next, the player is to play the bottom stave while (1) playing alongside the first recorded video on screen/earphones, and (2) video record the second performance. Upon completion of the video recording of the performance, the player is to combine the two videos together in one video, using any video editing software. The final product of Me Doppelgänger is to be a video work featuring one contrabass player having an ensemble with herself/himself.

  In case the work is to be performed live, the performer is to pre-record the performance of top staff, then perform the two staves live while projecting a video of the pre-recorded performance of the top staff.

Past Performances

April 28, 2020 (Online)

6plus6 Project

[Video archive]

Kathryn Schulmeister (Cb.)

Dec. 3, 2022 (World Premiere)

Tesselat feat. Will Yager

The Undercroft, Baltimore, MD, USA

Will Yager (Cb.)

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