Nenneko Pantsu


Nenneko Pantsu (2019-2021)


for glowing soprano saxophone and installation

ca. 10 min.​

Program Note

  Nenneko Pantsu was composed as a site-specific work to be installed and performed in Room 405 at Hôtel Graffalgar in Strasbourg, France.


  For Centuries, humans have pondered the meanings of dreams. When we enter a dream, we are able to witness emotions, desires, and memories buried deep within us. Fragments of ourselves, which does not align with the cultural and the social expectations of the world and therefore must be concealed while awake, can emerge in diverse shapes and forms in our dreams.


  Modern scientists are yet unable to bring to light on how dreams function in our lives. It is not rare for one to have felt a genuine experience of an authentic self in a dream, free from all social restrains and handcuffs. Nenneko Pantsu aims to recreate and explore the worlds of dreams we experience while we sleep, while posing the questions: Are we trapped in a small box made of what society expect us to think and act while we are awake? Are we freer to genuinely think, act, and subconsciously create and express our worlds in our dreams?

Past Performances

April 22, 2021 (World Premiere)

Nenneko Pantsu

Hôtel Graffalgar, Strasbroug, France

Yui Sakagoshi (saxophone)

May 4, 2021

Framing the Normal

Antwerp Research Institute for the Arts, Antwerp, Brussels

Yui Sakagoshi (saxophone)​

June 1, 2021 (Russia Premiere)

St. Petersburg, Russia

Serafima Verkholat (saxophone)